Reviews of Go Bum

Tillywig Toy Awards Review

“Cleverly billed as "the cheeky version of Go Fish," this fresh and amusing update on the classic card game makes for enormously fun family entertainment. The sheer diversity of laughter-inducing bums (as in buttocks) is reason enough for celebration.

Each of the 25 different bum cards in the 50-card deck is delightfully illustrated, amusingly named, and well within the bounds of tastefulness.

Not only did parents and grandparents find Go Bum to be good clean family fun for even the youngest players, they deeply appreciated the ways in which the quirky, charming bum depictions enlivened game play from the get-go.

In addition to the standard rules (easily learnable in a minute or so) Go Bum also comes with a set of optional rules that serve to both ramp up the hilarity and give players a chance to rack up extra points at game's end, potentially pulling the rug out from under the would-be victor!”

“Our little grandson (6) just LOVES this game and constantly asks anyone he can to play it…has quickly ousted Uno which was always his favourite LOL.”

Heather, Kellyville

“Go-Bum is my favourite game! I love the pictures which capture each bum perfectly. My favourite card is the ‘Fluffy Bum’ because it reminds me of my dog. We take Go-Bum out to dinner with us and play as a family, and I love the fun and laughter that it brings.”

Sophie C, Cordeaux Heights

"Great family fun! Cute and funny graphics which help younger players to describe and play along. Our five year old is keen for another round, as are we!"

Hayley J, Canberra

“This card game is so much fun! I played it with family and friends and can’t wait to play it again! Fun gift for birthdays and Christmas for all ages”

Kathy P, NSW

“A great game for all ages! Even my Mum and little brother enjoy it. It’s easy for everyone to understand the rules and so much fun to play. The images are so good and get everyone excited when playing. We love playing and laugh non-stop when acting out each card or playing out the sounds! So much fun for everyone.”

Alyssa P, Figtree

“My daughter absolutely loves this game and can’t stop laughing the whole time! A fun little game which also helps develop matching skills and an awareness of taking turns, whilst making it super fun with noises and hilarious pictures to entertain them. Go-Bum is the best matching card game, it’s fun and exciting for all ages!”

Catherine C, Wollongong

Fantastic game! My 6 and 4 year olds have played over and over again. An instant family favourite.”

Shanan G, NSW

“Go Bum is really fun. Younger kids find it hilarious, which we found was infectious for everyone else playing (even our 13 year old).

It's a good party game. You don't need much preparation and it doesn't take long to pick up the rules. As Go Bum is a simple card game, it's easy to play out and about. Our first time playing was at a club while we waited for our dinner to arrive.

A really fun element this game has is that everyone gets to say 'bum' which gets lots of giggles the whole way through the game.

The illustrations are so cute! We've found it to be a really fun game and we recommend you play Go Bum!”

Emma D, Canberra

“Snort laughing from all members of the family! Simple, fun and well designed for a great cause!”

Amy A, Canberra

“Go-Bum is a fun game which I enjoy playing with the family! The illustrations are fantastic and the optional rules make it more exciting, especially when someone has to ‘toot’ or talk like a pirate. The kids all love playing and it’s become a family challenge for us to see who can win and take out the ‘bum’ glory.”

David C, Wollongong

“My kids love playing Go Bum! They played with a friend who had not played before and they picked up the rules really quickly. The kids love the funny pictures and making silly noises. The favourite cards are the pirate bum, tooty bum and robot bum!”

Sarah K, Canberra

“Go-Bum is a great card game for all the family. I enjoy playing it with family and friends and have the best time laughing and joking about who has the ‘stinkiest bum’ and the lucky person with a ‘Golden bum’. Good fun for all ages.”

Ryan C, Unanderra

“I really enjoy playing Go-Bum with the family! We cannot stop laughing at all the bum names and acting them out makes it hilarious! Great card game which is easy to play with simple rules that can be adapted depending on the age of your competitors.”

Aiden C, Unanderra