Do you have an Exploding Bum?

Do you have a Tooty Bum?

Hi, welcome to Go Bum!

It’s the cheeky version of Go Fish where you match bums instead of fish or animals.

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- There are 25 family friendly but super cheeky bums to match

- It’s quick to learn and easy to play

- A great kids present

- Laugh out loud fun for girls & boys, and adults of any age  

Special cards for extra fun

We have created optional rules that give certain cards different points or which have a funny action. For example:

- wiggle your bum when you get the Wiggle Bum match

- take another turn when you get the Double Bum match

- get 2 points at the end of the game with the Golden Bum match

- say “Yarr, I have a pirate bum” in a pirate voice when you get the Pirate Bum match

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The Go Bum Back(side) Story

Go Bum was made by father and son duo Evan (mid 30’s-ish) and Levi (7) Turner as a creative project during covid lockdown home schooling in 2020.

Over time, our family had a great time playing Go Bum and then our family and friends started asking for copies!  

We wanted more people to enjoy the game so Levi sold copies of Go Bum at the Little Village Markets. The proceeds were donated to Koala conservation and the Gordon Community Centre.

Go Bum had such a strong positive response that we hired an illustrator (Dewy Venerius) who took our drawings and made the super cute awesome versions of our drawings you see above.

We would love you to join us on this journey!

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