Go Bum - supporting koalas

(and their fuzzy bums)

Raising funds for koalas

In November 2021, Levi sold copies of an early version of Go Bum at the Little Village Markets. Through this experience he learnt about business, manufacturing, selling to customers and giving change.

However, a main motivation to sell Go Bum was to raise funds for koala conservation following the devastating 2020/21 bushfires.

From the Little Village Markets and selling to friends and family, we raised $100 which was donated to the Australian Koala Foundation and a small donation to the Gordon Community Centre.

Continuing to support koalas

We love koalas (and their cute fuzzy bums) and can’t bear the thought of them being endangered.

Following our Kickstarter campaign, we plan to sell Go Bum online and in retail stores and donate a portion of the sales to koala conservation charities.

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